About the Journal

III International Scientific Conference “Digital Transformation in Industry: Trends, Management, Strategies – 2021” (DTI2021)

Website of the event: https://www.dti-conf.ru (EN)

Purpose DTI Conference: evaluate trends and prospects for digital transformation in industry and industrial markets, create an idea of introduction mechanisms for digitalization processes, substantiate successful strategies of digital transformation in sectors and at industrial enterprises.

The focus of the Conference in 2021 is directed towards digital design and modelling in industry, as well as the analysis of technological trends and economic effects following the introduction of digital twins of equipment, technological processes and industrial products.

The Conference consists of the business and research modules. The business module covers the best practices for the implementation of digital design and modelling at industrial enterprises. The research module includes a plenary discussion on the topic of “Digital Twins as the Basis for Digital Transformation of Business Models in Industry” and research workshops.

The main scope is the following:

  • Digital twins in industrial sectors
  • Economic barriers to the development of digital design and modelling
  • Market analysis of digital solutions in industry
  • Best regional practices for digital transformation in industry
  • Organizational and financial mechanisms for supporting digital transformation in industry
  • Digital design technologies in developing competitiveness of products and companies
  • HR for Industry 4.0
  • Digital transformation strategies of industrial enterprises
  • Cyber-physical production system for Industry 4.0
  • Digital twin-driven product design, manufacturing and service
  • Model-based approaches for interoperability of next generation enterprise information systems
  • Digital twin and big data towards smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0
  • Effects of industrial digital transformation on society and environment
  • etc.

Experts in economic, technical and engineering sciences are welcomed to participate in the research module of the Conference.