About the Journal

V International Scientific Conference “Digital Transformation in Industry: Trends, Management, Strategies” (DTI2023)

October 25-27, 2023

Website of the event: https://www.dti-conf.ru

Purpose of DTI Conference: to assess the opportunities and prospects for the digital transition of industry and industrial markets, to form an understanding of the mechanisms for implementing digitalization processes, to identify successful digital strategies for industries and industrial enterprises.

The focus of the conference in 2023 is directed to Industry 5.0 - a new industrial development paradigm related to the humanization of technologies, the resilience and sustainable development of industrial ecosystems. Industry 5.0 is not a new technological revolution, but a value-based initiative that stimulates technological transformation in order to provide a significant increase in the well-being of mankind.

The Conference consists of the business and research modules.

The business module in the format of round tables will include a discussion and exchange of best practices on the digital transformation of industrial enterprises. Within the framework of the conference, three round tables are planned:

  1. Effective models of digital transformation of industrial enterprises
  2. Digital transformation in the context of ensuring technological sovereignty
  3. Digital transformation and industrial productivity growth

The scientific model entitled "From Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0: Challenges and Prospects" will include a plenary session on this topic and scientific sections on the broad issues of digitalization in industry and the economy.

The main scope of the conference is the following:

  • Humanization of industrial technologies
  • Cross-industry potential of Industry 5.0
  • Markets for digital technologies and solutions for industry
  • Industry 5.0 windows of opportunity for countries, regions and cities
  • Industry Digital Transition Best Practices
  • Strategies and models of digital transformation of industrial companies
  • Transition from industrial to cyber-social ecosystems
  • Industrial Policy in Industry 5.0
  • Environmental and social values in the context of Industry 5.0
  • Technological sovereignty and digital transformation of industry
  • Humanization in value chains
  • Industry 5.0: moving from personnel costs to investment in competencies
  • etc.

Experts in economic, technical and engineering sciences are welcome to participate in the Conference.