About the Journal

X Euro-Asian Symposium on Economic Theory "Viability of Economic Theories: through Order and Chaos" (EASET-2022)

Website of the event: http://easet-conf.ru (EN)

The main scope is the following:

  • Economic shocks in the history of economic thought
  • Sustainable development: between capitalism and socialism
  • The black swan theory and economic cycles
  • Mainstream and political economy: Is their synthesis possible?
  • Entropy accumulation in socio-economic systems
  • Modern economic concepts of identity
  • Heterodox economic theories in the modern world
  • Modern monetary theory and its viability in the current context
  • Economic policy in a pandemic: Neoclassical economics vs. Keynesian economics vs. New theories
  • New Normal: Development costs
  • Theory of organizations and development cycles under uncertainty
  • Erosion of property rights: Chaos or a new order
  • Construction of new socio-economic mechanisms
  • Consumer behaviour models during crises
  • Verification of economic theories with the “corona crisis”
  • etc.