About the Journal

XI Euro-Asian Symposium on Economic Theory "Economic Theory: Searching for Development Alternatives" (EASET-2024)

June 26-28, 2024

Website of the event: http://easet-conf.ru

The main scope is the following:
— Is there a crisis in economic theory?
— Construction of socio-economic mechanisms of a new order in the context of economic theory.
— Mainstream VS political economy: global challenges.
— Economic theory in Education system.
— Interdisciplinary synthesis in the development of economic theory: results and further prospects.
— Progress in the history of economic thought.
— Transformation of socio-economic systems: orthodox and heterodox approaches.
— Knowledge economy as a progressive basis for the development of society.
— Inequality & justice: empirical results.
— The influence of Internet technologies and artificial intelligence on socio-economic development.
— Environmental justice
— Globalization VS regionalization: dialogue of civilizations