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IV International Scientific Conference “Digital Transformation in Industry: Trends, Management, Strategies” (DTI2022)

October 28, 2022

Website of the event: https://www.dti-conf.ru (EN)

Purpose of DTI Conference: evaluate trends and prospects for digital transformation in industry and industrial markets, create an idea of introduction mechanisms for digitalization processes, and substantiate successful strategies of digital transformation in sectors and at industrial enterprises.

In 2022, DTI Conference focuses on the assessment of the digital transformation sustainability of industry in an uncertain environment, digital solutions for the connectivity of industrial markets, adaptation of ESG metrics to the digital transition of industry.

The Conference consists of the business and research modules.

The business module in the form of a round table "Industrial logistics in the new reality: digital solutions and services" will include a discussion and exchange of best practices for the implementation of digital solutions to ensure sustainable, barrier-free and flexible supply chains.

The research module "Digital transformation sustainability in an uncertain environment" will include the topic discussions and workshops concerning the broad issues of digitalization of industry and economy.

The main scope is the following:

  • Digital transition of industry: challenges and barriers in an uncertain environment
  • Connectivity of industrial markets: digital logistics
  • Adaptation of ESG metrics to the digital transition of industry: risks and opportunities
  • Digital markets and solutions in industry
  • Best regional practices for digital transformation in industry
  • Digital transformation strategies of industrial enterprises
  • Import substitution of digital technologies for industry
  • Digital and ecological transitions: convergence and divergence
  • Organizational and financial mechanisms for supporting digital transformation in industry
  • HR for digital transition of industry
  • etc.

Experts in economic, technical and engineering sciences are welcome to participate in the Conference.