Manuscript (Full article) with publication in Springer book series *= 15,000.0 RUB (or 170 EUR)/manuscript **

Manuscript (Short article) with publication in journal of the publishing house EDP Science *= 16,500.0 RUB (or 185 EUR) /manuscript

Manuscript (Article RSCI) with publication in elibrary.ru = 0 RUB (free)

Participants (without publication) = 0 RUB (free)

Additional services (if required):

Proofreading/Translation into English = 280 RUB / 1,000 symbols

Manuscript formatting = 1,200.0 RUB/manuscript 

Electronic Certificate of Participation = 0 RUB (free)

Paper-based Certificate of Participation (with sending by mail) = 1,500.0 RUB


* Services are provided by Erlaynt LLC. Terms of service  

** The conference organizers might give a discount off the Standard Fee upon invitation.